MaGnET: Malaria Genome Exploration Tool

Free software tool for visualisation and exploration of integrated Plasmodium falciparum 3D7 functional genomics datasets


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Genome - location of two groups of selected genes

Genome section: the genomic location of two groups of genes that have been selected by a keyword search for the term 'antigen' - coloured orange, and by a search for genes with expression that increases between the ring and trophozoite life cycle stages - coloured blue.

Genome: chromosome viewer

Genome section: chromosome viewer showing a region of chromosome 10.   Unselected genes are coloured grey, genes in the two groups are coloured as before, and brown genes represent members of the same orthoMCL-generated ortholog/paralog group.  Pink lines within genes represent introns.

A mRNA expression dataset mapped onto genomic location

Genome section: an mRNA expression dataset (microarray) has been overlaid onto genomic location.  The slider can be used to move along the time series.  Colours represent gene expression at the current time point as rank within the gene's range of expression values across the time-series.

Data Analysis section: table containing details for groups

Analysis section: perform keyword searches of the database and return a table of results.

A gene fact sheet (left) and a protein structure model (right)

Left: part of a gene factsheet, which contains information about an individual gene and its product, such as its interactions, Gene Onotology annotation and any protein structures. Right: the gene's comparative protein structure model can be viewed using the Jmol molecular viewer.

Proteome: protein-protein interactions coloured by expression level

Proteome section: the protein-protein interaction viewer.  Labels have been coloured according to the protein's expression level in one experiment.  The colours represent change in expression from the previous time point to the current time point.